Hygiene Measures

Dear guests,


in general, hygiene is very important to us. Right now we would like to introduce you to our additional measures, so that you can rely on us to have the highest level of protective measures and thus an extremely low risk of infection.

Corona tests

All guests arriving from abroad need a negative corona test with us, which can be a maximum of 48 hours old. Self-tests are not accepted. We cannot accommodate guests who arrive from abroad and cannot present a negative test.

Wear mouth and nose protection

In our hotel, guests and employees are obliged to wear mouth and nose protection as soon as the minimum distance of 1.5 - 2 m to other people cannot be guaranteed structurally or by other protective measures. This is the case at the reception, in the breakfast room and in all corridors, as well as the stairwell. It is not mandatory to wear it in the hotel rooms or at the table in the breakfast room.

Maintain a minimum distance

We have installed optical spacers in the hotel where it is necessary, so that it is easier for guests and staff to maintain the minimum distance of 1.5-2m.

At the reception we have installed a large spit guard, so that the "droplet infection" is prevented here as well.

Disinfect hands

A disinfectant dispenser is freely available for our guests at the reception. We ask all guests and our staff to use this spray immediately after entering the hotel, so that the surface transmission of the virus is made more difficult.

Hotel cleaning

Our hotel cleaning is carried out in principle, regardless of whether it is a pandemic or not, according to the highest standards. In addition to careful room cleaning, the breakfast room, hallways, stairwell, lobby, reception and toilets are also cleaned daily.

Guest behavior

Last but not least, we rely on our guests to behave appropriately for the given situation. That means we trust that no deliberate contamination is caused by our guests, i.e. by you. So everyone can do their part to ensure that our hotel stays "clean".

Breakfast buffet

Only one guest is allowed to stay at our breakfast buffet. When staying at the buffet, a mask is required. Serving spoons are ready and must be used. All food is either arranged behind a splash guard or offered in portion size. Our guests must disinfect their hands before entering the breakfast room.

A la carte breakfast

Should we not have our buffet open for security reasons, we offer our guests an a la carte breakfast, provided the breakfast room is allowed to remain open. Our guests are now served at their seat from a large selection of our food, which is otherwise offered at the buffet. The variety is therefore only minimally restricted, but security is increased to the maximum because not every guest comes into contact with the buffet.

Lunch packages

If, for hygienic reasons, neither the breakfast buffet nor the à la carte breakfast are permitted in compliance with the distance rules, our guests receive lunch packages as a breakfast substitute, which, however, may not be consumed at the bar, the lobby or the breakfast room.

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