Harbour Birthday

The establishment of the port

In 1188 the counts of Schauenburg founded the "New Town". They had founded Lübeck in 1143 and looked for a place with more convenient access to the North Sea . The location at the mouth of the Alster in the Elbe appeared to them for it very suitable . The New Town was intended from the beginning as a branch of sailors and merchants, and was also a handling and storage space for goods .

Count Adolf III of Schauenburg made ​​sure that the Emperor Friedrich Barbaross, shortly before departure for a Crusade, the hamburgers exhibited a charter, namely on 7 May 1189. The hamburgers were granted: exemption from duty for their vessels on the Elbe from the city to the North Sea ,

So the gate was opened and Hamburg look at the May 7, 1189 as the birthday of the Port of Hamburg .



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